The objective of my work is to make you question the foods we consume and realize how potentially harmful they can be to our health. Furthermore, I encourage you to do your own research so that you can come to your own conclusions. Do this to regain responsibility and control of your life and the lives of your loved ones; especially those who are too young and therefore, unable to make their own decisions.  As humans, we are inherently entitled to the unadulterated health promoting foods Mother Nature provides, and not the artificial, harmful creations we have been offered. Unfortunately we have been denied that right, resulting in the explosion of obesity and chronic degenerative diseases at ever-younger ages. Society’s answer to this problem has been to develop a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs.

But many are dangerous and can cause serious side effects, for which even more drugs are prescribed and sometimes end up being more harmful than the conditions themselves. 



Good health can be summarized with one picture. A picture of nature where all grows naturally organic, 

unprocessed and untainted by the touch of the big food corporations and agri-businesses. A diet based on these foods is health-promoting because they contain high levels of nutrients. These foods will not make you obese because when the body receives what it needs, it stops craving more food. They will keep us lean, strong, full of energy, and clear of mind.