Through our continuous use of cellphones Wi-Fi, routers and modems, microwaves, wireless electronics, smart devices of all kinds and more, we are exposed to the radiation of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). This radiation primarily causes neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders with a dumbing down effect. It will manifest itself as foggy thinking, depression, anxiety, low energy, headaches, learning disabilities, DNA damage and reduced melatonin levels. This may cause sleep problems, dementia, autism, Alzheimer’s, suppressed immune function, irregular heartbeats, infertility and brain cancer.

We may already experience these symptoms to some degree or another. But without information or 

warnings, we will not make the connection between the exposure and illness. 

The arrival of 5G is greatly increasing this exposure and with that, the increase of all its negative effects on our health. 

5G is the latest telecommunication technology that works on the bandwidth of the millimeter wave (MMW).  With 5G mobile networks, we get much faster connection speeds but will also see millions more cell phone towers. 

This is because 5G needs a much denser network to operate as it does not travel well through buildings. It is absorbed by rain and plants resulting in the interference of the signal. 5G is also unable to travel far because it utilizes much shorter wavelengths and as a result, requires the installation of wireless antennas within a 100 metre range, on every lamp post and utility pole throughout neighborhoods, towns and cities. 

This new technology will bring us the Internet of Things (IoT) – which may be described as a network of computing devices embedded into everyday things and connected via the internet. This Internet of Things could include everything from a smart fridge to a self-driving car and run hundreds of billions of devices globally. With a super-fast download speed, it will connect us everywhere to everything in our cities, including our homes, schools, hospitals, workplaces and open spaces. 

5G/IoT technology is of great interest to governments and telecommunication industries alike because it represents a multi-trillion dollar business. It is therefore being heavily promoted and hastily pushed through without any concern for the massive increases of radiation and the serious implications to our health – especially the increased risk of brain cancer. This massive increase of radiation will prevent us from feeling safe anywhere. Our children will be at greatest risk but this exposure starts much earlier, even in utero. 5G wavelengths are absorbed in the skin as they penetrate it by a few millimeters, which can cause a painful burning sensation and possibly tissue damage. This also puts us at an increased risk for melanoma, other skin diseases and even eye injury. The health problems we will experience from exposure to 5G Electromagnetic Fields will occur gradually and over an extended period of time. Doctors will make wrong diagnoses due to lack of knowledge and failure to connect illness to 5G. 

Wildlife and the environment will also be affected because the MMW bandwidth used is prone to being absorbed by plants and rain. This will have harmful effects on vegetation and could leave us with food that is not safe for humans or animals. Electromagnetic radiation disrupts the ecosystem, and may possibly be the cause for birds abandoning their nests and the declining bee population. Bees are our most important pollinator and are needed for plants to reproduce.

With 5G technology all things smart will be able to talk to each other, and this IoT will eventually take over everything. In this Technocracy the powerful few will have total control of the world because it will connect us, regardless of where we are, to over a trillion objects around the world. To this end, Unit 8200 (a cyber warfare division of the Israeli Defense Forces) is working with Silicon Valley for global surveillance and policing. 

The US Department of Defense has chosen 5G/MMW technology to develop a non-lethal crowd control weapon called Active Denial System (ADS). This can be used throughout our neighborhoods and cities. If you are targeted by this “heat ray” it will feel like you are on fire.

Protect yourself by reducing your exposure to EMF radiation:

• Use a battery-powered alarm clock

• Stop using wireless baby monitors, computer keyboards and mice, gaming systems, printers and portable phones

• Replace your WiFi with a wired Ethernet connection – or at the very least, shut off the WiFi when not in use; especially at night when you sleep 

• Minimize the time you spend talking on your cell phone, and when you do, put it on speakerphone

•, Put your cell on Airplane Mode when you are not using it; especially when you are carrying it on your body or when you place it by your bedside

• Have a landline installed in your home

• Stop using the microwave

• Refuse to have smart meters installed in your home