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For several years, we have been witnessing the many challenges caused by COVID-19 on a global scale. 

Please contact me for more information and protocols to address the numerous concerns.




When we meet, I will require the following information: 

1. Age, occupation (past and current), use of alcohol or recreational drugs (if any), recreational activities, exercise regimen, living situation, health history, list of pharmaceutical drugs (if any), list of supplements (if any), primary areas of concern or goals, and family history of illnesses.

2. You will be given an extensive questionnaire to fill out (it will take you 2-3 hours).

3. I will ask for a week's long recall of all the foods and liquids you consumed; the more detailed, the better.

NOTE: All the information that I am provided with will be kept strictly confidential.


After one week of having collected and reviewing all the data, I will meet with you to discuss the root cause of your health concern or how to achieve your health goal. At that time, you will be given a written report on lifestyle, dietary, and supplemental recommendations.

Please keep in mind that typically the first step toward better health is to cleanse and detoxify. Start with a clean slate and work your way up; you'll notice physical and mental changes, as well as emotions of enjoyment and purpose in life, over time.

Price: $300 + HST




We will discuss how things are improving and make adjustments or additional recommendations, if need be.


Price: $150 + HST




There is a danger lurking all around us 24/7, but we are hardly aware of it because we can’t see, feel, hear, taste, or smell it. This danger is called "Electromagnetic Fields" (EMF). They come from your cell phone, laptops, microwaves, power lines, WiFi, routers, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors, and other wireless devices. 

I will inspect your home with a high-quality EMF reader to determine where you are most at risk and then give recommendations on how to remove or mitigate the health risks.


Price: $200 + HST


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